How To Start

If your interested in giving AppNana a go, go to this link

Then if you already have an existing account log into that one if not don’t worry to make one is simple:

  1. Press register
  2. Fill in any needed information
  3. Activate your account

Once you are logged into your account you should receive 10,000 nanas to get you started, plus an extra 400 for your daily amount.

The first way to access AppNana from the app will be: go to Google Play/App Store then type in AppJoy, don’t worry AppJoy and AppNana are the same.

This is something similar that you should have on your screen,

The second way you can access AppNana from the app will be: press on the share button then scroll to Add to Home Screen and press it.

In those both way you could access AppNana from your home screen so it will be easier in the future.

If you want more app nanas you have to download AppNana sync, AppNana sync will make sure that you get your¬†nanas after completing apps so you don’t miss out in getting your nanas that you earned fairly.

At the top of AppNana you should see three tabs, and just above it with 10,400 nanas, 10,000 nanas when you register and 400 nanas daily.

Press on get nanas

Once you pressed on get nanas you should see a list of apps on the left and of the right of them how many nanas you could get from it. Keep following the instructions given on the apps to receive the nanas, don’t worry AppNana sync will make sure all your well earned nanas are given to you. You need to keep earning nanas until you reach 15,000, you need 15,000 nanas to be able to input others invitation codes

My invitation code: H25198593, make sure you use mine to get 2,500 additional nanas. After putting a invitational code in and receiving 2,500 nanas you should see that you need other people to use your invitational code 5 times, comment your invitational code and I will try to use it. This method of earning nanas is the quickest way to get them so use get to 15,000 nanas and use this invitational code: H25198593!

Make sure you keep following this progress, complete offers and invitational codes and later on you will have a ton of nanas to spend!

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